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Duty Free Philippines

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Duty Free Philippines

“We are a world-class travel retailer committed to satisfying the shopping needs of the international traveler in an efficient service environment showcasing the Filipino traits of warmth and hospitality. We are committed to building a stable and responsive Company that enhances the professional growth and well being of its employees and supports the development of the country’s tourism industry.”

The Duty Free Philippines Corporation is a body corporate created to operate the duty-and tax-free merchandising system in the Philippines tasked to augment the service facilities for tourists and to generate foreign exchange and revenue for the government, as established by the Tourism Department under Executive Order No. 46.

Duty Free Philippines finally brings you their world-class shopping experience online! We want to make your trip to the Philippines, or if you’re a Balikbayan – your trip back home, hassle-free and convenient. When you shop in our online store, it’ll only take a few clicks to get the best of what Duty Free Philippines has to offer.

Now on its 30th year, Duty Free Philippines has evolved in a way that it constantly met the consumers’ ever-changing needs throughout the years. While we’ve grown quite a lot from how we were back in 1987, we still strive to keep the “pasalubong” culture alive and well.

Bringing “pasalubong” or coming home with gifts for family and friends from wherever place they came from is a practice instilled in every Filipino. Through this distinctly Filipino way of showing one’s love to another, bonds become stronger despite time and distance. We want to be the top-in-mind destination for homecoming presents and more.

We hope to share the “pasalubong” tradition to the many international visitors that travel the Philippines, and through the online shop, we’ll be able to share with a piece of our culture and values. Not only that, we want to be able to provide the topnotch service we offer even before they arrive in the country.

Our vision for online retail is all about convenience. We know that you just want to see more of the Philippines or go right ahead and see your loved ones as soon as you land, and that’s why we thought of a way to make your Duty Free Philippines shopping experience as seamless as possible. All you need to do is order before you get on board, and pick them up upon arrival. Leave everything in between to us!

Duty Free Philippines has curated the best items from their wide array of products sold in-store specially for online retail, and we guarantee that you’ll be provided with the same service full of heart and the hospitality Filipinos are known for.

Shop now at the Duty Free Philippines Online Shop at https://www.dutyfreephilippines.ph.

Duty Free Philippines’ shopper-friendly facilities are complimented by an extensive range of world-class, high quality, international products. Like other duty free operators worldwide, DFP’s merchandise mix has expanded from what was basically a liquor-and-tobacco operation to a wider array of fragrances and cosmetics, fashion accessories and apparels, electronics, sporting goods, chocolates, confectioneries, home furnishings, housewares, and grocery items. Customers can shop in luxury at the Fiestamall’s 1,200 square meter Fashion & Beauty Walk, which consolidated high-end fashion products in personalized brand boutiques. All leading liquor, cigarette, and confectionery brands can also be found in the store’s category sections.

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